23 – 30 september 2023

Location : Bresse and Savoie

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I have the honor and the pleasure to present to you the great and unique gay event in classic cars, the GAYSTRONOTRIP 2021, which will take place from 23 to 30 september 2023, under the direction of Dominique De Taverny. 

Following the request of some participants of the Rainbow Tour or Sweet Trip, here is the GAYSTRONOTRIP. For this new release, the focus will be on the wealth and reputation of France. I have selected for this tour typically local hotels and restaurants or places steeped in history. Gastronomy will be an important point of this tour. You have good local dishes and also a more refined and worked cuisine. September or october are often less active for outings in classic cars, so let’s take advantage of this quieter time to get together to discover “la belle France”. We are counting on you to respond in large numbers and favorably to this great 8-day tour. The success of GAYSTRONOTRIP 2023 is in your hands ….




 For this new tour, I suggest you discover Bresse and Savoie. Bresse is a region about 50 kilometers north east of Lyon and is mainly known for its quality chickens. Savoie is located in the Alps and offers local riches such as certain cheeses, wines and other local specialties. But the big highlight are the magnificent panoramas to be seen along the roads. I therefore invite you to discover these regions and let yourself be guided for a week with your classic car. In order to take full advantage of this week and be totally relaxed, no games or questions during this stay. Simply the drive in your old automobiles. Obviously, this meeting is reserved for vehicles of collections over 25 years old or exceptions.


For the first 2 nights, you will stay at the Mercure Bourg en Bresse**** and its Chantecler restaurant. The rooms are equipped with bathroom and WC, a TV and a wifi connection. To park your cars, the hotel has a large private car park. This hotel is located in a quiet suburban area 5 minutes from the historic town center of Bourg en Bresse. In addition, Bourg en Bresse is easily accessible with the A40 motorway which passes on the outskirts of the city. This hotel restaurant is selected by the guide Le Petit Futé, whose opinion on this establishment is as follows: “For lunch or dinner, the large and bright restaurant opens onto the terrace and the garden and offers a refined setting. The cuisine is homemade, the menu innovates using fresh seasonal products and highlights local products such as the essential Bresse chicken or quenelles”.


10 avenue de Kreuznach


tél : + 33 (0)

Email :

For the next 5 nights, you will stop at the hotel restaurant Château des Comtes de Challes***. Located in the town of Challes-les-Eaux, 5 kilometers south of Chambery in Savoie, this charming 15th century castle welcomes you in a period and comfortable setting. Set in the middle of a large, peaceful two-hectare site planted with ancient trees, the chateau offers you all the tranquility required for a restful stay. Note a splendid view from the terrace of the castle on the region. The Château des Comtes de Challes has rooms full of charm and character. All have a double bed or two single beds and are equipped with a bath or shower, TV and free Wi-Fi Internet connection. Please note: many of the bedrooms are in the outbuildings. The hotel also includes a gourmet restaurant which serves delicious traditional and regional cuisine prepared with the best products from the region. Each dish is designed with particular attention in order to perpetuate the good reputation of the establishment. To park cars, the hotel has a private car park. This hotel restaurant is selected by the famous gastronomic guide Gault&Millau, whose opinion on this establishment is as follows: “A 15th century castle at the gates of Chambéry, the address is undeniably charming, with its preserved facade, its classic and bourgeois style of a certain comfort, its very beautiful room with its huge fireplace and its seigneurial atmosphere. On the plate, chef Pascal Colliat presents regional cuisine inspired by tradition, such as fillet of lisette served warm, apple feather and celery apple, monkfish medallion with chorizo and fregola sarda like a risotto and small vegetables , a medallion of Bresse chicken and false porcini mushrooms, savagnin sauce… Classic desserts.»


247 montée du château


tél : + 33 (0)

Email :


Saturday  23 september:

The meeting will begin with a meeting on Saturday 23 October 2023 at the end of the afternoon around 17:00 to 20:00 directly at the Mercure hotel in Bourg en Bresse. This will therefore leave the whole day of Saturday to make the trip from his home in Bourg en Bresse. Thus, no activity is planned following this day of driving. You can, if you arrive early and wish, take a walk in the historic center of the city which is only a few minutes from the hotel. Everyone will take their room for the next 2 nights that you will spend in this establishment. In the evening, you will meet for a drink, then for dinner at Le Chanteclerc restaurant in the Mercure hotel.

Sunday  24 september:

In the morning, drive to Romaneche Thorins to visit the Hameau Duboeuf. The Hameau Dubœuf extends over 30,000 m2 in four sites. In addition to the museum (which presents 3,000 collection objects and 500 posters on wine and spirits), you can stroll through the shop which showcases the wines of Beaujolais and France, the gastronomic specialties of the French regions and the gastronomic books. In the neighboring rooms, you will travel among a good number of audiovisual shows: a theater of automatons, holograms, a 3D cinema, games as well as videos and interactive animations and a journey of the 5 senses. At the end of the tour, a tasting is included in the visit in a Parisian cabaret-style room to the sound of the limonaire.

Lunch at Hameau Duboeuf

In the afternoon, drive to Rochetaillé sur Saone to discover the Henri Malartre automobile museum: The visit takes place in two buildings (the Belle-Époque castle and the halls) and presents collections of cars, cycles, old motorcycles and Lyon public transport compiled by Henri Malartre. From Hitler’s parade Mercedes to the Vivastella of the Lumière brothers, or the car of the first funicular of Fourvière, come and discover a hundred exceptional vehicles. The museum also keeps many vehicles manufactured in the Lyon region. These brands like Luc Court, Rochet-Schneider or Viratelle, now defunct, were the jewels of the global automotive industry at the start of the 20th century.

Return to Bourg en Bresse.

Dinner at the restaurant Chantecler of the hotel Mercure Bourg en Bresse

Monday 25 september:

Final departure from the Hotel Mercure in Bourg en Bresse.

Your route will take you to Genissiat to visit its hydroelectric dam: Immerse yourself in the history of hydroelectricity and the development of the Rhône, by visiting the Génissiat site, the first structure built by CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhone ) on the river. CNR offers you a fun and educational guided tour inside the Genissiat power station dam, where art and history mingle. An industrial bastion, straddling Ain and Haute-Savoie, exceptional in several respects: its monumental character; its role in post-war French energy history… Mediation tools, films, animated models and exhibitions of objects will take you on a real journey through time to discover the great adventure of the Rhône river. After 11 years of work, the largest hydroelectric dam in Europe on the date of its inauguration in 1948 then participated in the recovery of France and supplied Paris with electricity. This “French Niagara” places CNR among the major river developers. 70 years after its commissioning, it remains an essential tool for the production of hydroelectricity, supplying 10% of the total production of the Rhône. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to cross the monumental gate of the power plant to be closer to the turbines, the alternators and the control room. In the large gallery, you will discover the other green energies exploited by CNR, the leading French producer of exclusively renewable energy, and how their development is put to use in the development of the territories crossed by the river… Outside, a free path and marked out will allow you to appreciate the integration of the work in its environment, the valorization of the floating woods or the local biodiversity. For a question of organization and group size, a 1st group will visit the dam in the morning and the exteriors in the afternoon, and a 2nd group the exteriors in the morning and the dam in the afternoon, all this alternating with the restaurant near the dam.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

The rest of the day will take you to Challes les Eaux following the beautiful roads of the region or also along the Lac du Bourget.

At the end of the day, arrival at the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux.

Dinner at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux.


Tuesday 26 september:

In the morning, drive to the cave of Saint Christophe in Saint Christophe. A guided tour in the heart of a unique natural and historical site in Chartreuse (Savoie) will be organized for you. Designed to meet everyone’s expectations, this guided tour will delight curious people of all ages. Listen to the rich history of the Sardinian way, passage between the mountains, natural path borrowed from time immemorial by men. Let yourself be drawn into the meanders of the caves, and discover their concretions. Cross the lower cave from side to side on a footbridge to come out on the magnificent landscape of the Chartreuse valley. Marvel at the Monument dedicated to Duke Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy, sponsor of the work on the Sardinian Way in the 17th century.

After the visit, a medieval banquet placed under the sign of the Middle Ages and its drolleries! Ripailles, medieval music and tasty comments will alternate happily in a warm atmosphere provided by the Hauvoy Company (subject to availability).

Lunch at a local restaurant

In the afternoon, drive to Thullens near Voiron. You will visit a small car manufacturer: Devalliet. With a contemporary and retro-inspired design, the Devalliet Mugellio pays homage to the world of racing cars from the 50s and 60s. These authentic roadsters designed and manufactured in France, light, agile and closer to the road offer the experience of intense driving, full of sensations, with an intimate relationship with the asphalt, without sacrificing the comfort of the trip. Thanks to its thoughtful interior ergonomics and the range of adjustments offered, Mugello accommodates all body types. The comfort of the driver and passenger has been given priority. Luggage space also remains a largely preserved criterion. The desire to sublimate the sports cars of the 1950s led to the choice of a “classic” and safe architecture: at the front, positioned longitudinally, a low-emission engine, a manual gearbox and a rear-wheel drive. The collaboration with renowned pilots confirmed the decision to ensure the connection to the ground by four independent suspensions with double wishbones. Fully adjustable without dismantling, the suspensions make it possible to adapt the behavior of the chassis to different types of driving. No assistance or correction alters the pleasure of driving this rigorous high-strength aluminum chassis. The latter combines rigidity and lightness, with a record vehicle weight of less than 630 kg. (note! visit subject to acceptance by the management of the company)

Return to Challes les Eaux.

Dinner at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux.

Wednesday 27 september:

Departure towards Gresy sur Aix, a town north of Aix les Bains. You will stop at Jean Lain Heritage to discover a beautiful gallery of vintage, youngtimer or recent prestige vehicles for sale. You will be able to see Porsche, Maserati, Bentley and other Mercedes Benz, and if you have a crush, you can leave with one of them.

Then, drive to La Biolle and its small cabaret, the Paradice: A unique concept! Located between Annecy and Aix-les-Bains, the Paradice opens its doors to you for an atypical and entertaining moment. An exceptional and innovative meal show: Combining the tradition of the Music-Hall, the art of Transformism like “Chez Michou” (Chez Michou is a famous transformist cabaret in Paris), real living art that allows you to participate in the show with humor and audacity. The Paradice offers you an unforgettable moment and puts itself at the forefront of technology. A grand staircase worthy of the greatest Parisian cabarets and an LED screen 4 meters long and nearly 3 meters high animate the dancing and humorous tableaux that have made the success of the Paradice. Feathers, Strass, Sequins, French Cancan, Hollywood magazine, it’s all there! As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in the magical universe of a Music-Hall where the whole team will be keen to delight your eyes and your taste buds. Let the show begin !

For the return, you will pass by the panorama of Mont Revard which offers a superb view of the region with its glass footbridge.

Return to Challes les Eaux.

Dinner at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux.

Thursday 28 september:

Departure for the town of Sevrier on the shores of Lake Annecy. On the spot, the visit of the Paccard Foundry, a company in activity will await you. The Paccard Foundry is today the world reference in terms of church bells and carillons. Between tradition and modernity, 7 generations of founders have succeeded in managing the company. In total, more than 120,000 bells punctuate the daily life of towns and villages around the world. It was in 1796 that the first Paccard bell was cast, by Antoine Paccard, Founder of the House, for the church of Quintal, in Haute-Savoie. After his death, 7 generations will succeed and continue the operation of the Foundry. Currently, the Foundry is managed by Philippe Paccard, assisted by his brother Cyril. Since 1989, when it was set up in Sevrier on the shores of Lake Annecy, the Foundry has produced numerous bells and chimes, such as the Carillon of Chambéry, of Sevrier, the Bell of Peace, the drone of the Cathedral of Orleans, etc. Each year, the Paccard Foundry casts approximately 300 bells, destined for the four corners of the world. Every Thursday (according to the workshop schedule) the Paccard Museum invites you to attend this magnificent and unusual show. Enter the magic of molten metal…

For lunch, head to Annecy and the E-Motion restaurant. This place is not just a restaurant because you can see on the first floor, a gallery of about thirty sports cars and exceptional motorcycles are exhibited. The opportunity to discover and approach these incredible cars and to learn more about them on a regular basis: the theme often changes, generating a renewal of the collection. Enough to stock up on memories and photos.

For the afternoon, you will drive along Lake Annecy to reach the castle of Menthon Saint Bernard. Magnetic and unique, the Château de Menthon is an architectural gem in Savoy. For almost a thousand years, its one hundred and five rooms have been occupied by the same family. By pushing the important portal, one is first seized by the majesty of the frame. The paved ground of the huge courtyard and the range of shaded green tones of the surrounding peaks, and lower down Lake Annecy. The eyes rise on thick ramparts, high turrets, roofs typical of Savoyard architecture. Located halfway between lake and mountain, the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard seems straight out of a storybook. The beginnings of its incredible history date back to the end of the 12th century. The name of Menthon, of Celtic origin, means “house on the rock”. In the beginning were three tall square towers, connected by walkways. They housed a large courtyard where the villagers found refuge in times of trouble. The castle began to take on its current appearance in 1880. René de Menthon, great-grandfather of the owner, then had the turrets so characteristic of the building built. The current owner, Count Olivier de Menthon remains very attached to the family character of his castle. Legend has it that a certain Walt Disney, vacationing in the region, was inspired by the architecture of the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard to build his famous castle of Sleeping Beauty.

Return to Challes les Eaux.

Dinner at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux.

Friday 29 september:

Departure towards the abbey of Hautecombe On the tortuous road coming from Chambéry or in the middle of the lake approaching the abbey, the visitor still feels today the isolation of this site, chosen by the Cistercian monks in the 12th century to found their monastery. A first princess of Savoy was buried in the cloister in 1162. Following her, many counts and dukes of Savoy were buried there. The abbey becomes a princely necropolis. During the French Revolution, the tombs of the princes of Savoy and noble families were looted, the Gothic decorations destroyed. The abbey, open to the four winds, is falling into ruin. It is transformed into pottery. In 1824, the King of Sardinia Charles-Félix decided on its rebirth: he bought the abbey and ordered its restoration in the style of the time, the Gothic troubadour. The abbey church is covered with sculptures, stuccoes and painted decorations and once again becomes the necropolis of the House of Savoy! When they died, King Charles-Félix and his wife Marie-Christine were buried in the church, as were the last King of Italy Humbert II in 1983 and his wife Queen Marie-José in 2001. You can visit the part of the abbey open to the public.

After the visit, you will take the direction of La Cité de l’Automobile ( the city of the car). A meal will be waiting for you on site.

After the visit, you will head to a restaurant for a meal

For the beginning of the afternoon, you will leave your cars for the boat. Let yourself be driven aboard a panoramic boat. Discover the Canal de Savière, the Lac du Bourget and the canalized Rhône with passage through a lock aboard the Savoyards, panoramic, comfortable and spacious boats, with an upper deck. Travel in the Savoyard nature guaranteed and above all a moment of relaxation for all.

Return to Challes les Eaux.

Dinner at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux. For this last evening, you are invited to participate in a white party and a more festive meal. You can get your best outfits out as long as they are white for the evening and dinner.

Saturday 30 september :

You will have the last breakfast together at the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel, then everyone will be free for the weekend. For those who wish, they can extend their stay in Savoie, where they can then return to their home.


The price is  €1390 per person in double room or €1655 per person in single room and includes hotels, breakfasts, warm  meals, visits, guided tours and attractions during these 8 rally days:

– 2 dinners(4 courses)  at the restaurant of  Le Chantecler in Mercure hotel Bourg en Bresse

– 2 nights at the hotel Mercure in Bourg en Bresse

– 4 dinners (4 courses) at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux

– 1 festive dinner (5 courses) at the restaurant of the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux

– 5 nights at the Château des Comtes de Challes hotel in Challes les Eaux

– 7 buffet breakfasts at the Mercure hotel or Château des Comtes de Challes hotel

– 6 luncheons in restaurants

– All visits to monuments and museums

– All attractions

– All documents necessary for this event (road book and other…)

Please note : Those travelling alone, please reserve a single room, not a double, unless you have found a roommate yourself. The organisation cannot select or find participants for you to share a room.

Important: all meals are “all inclusive” for these 6 days, including among other wines, table water etc.

Not included in this price are individually ordered consumptions in bars, restaurants and hotels and the use of the Minibar.

Your registration is final only upon receipt of the total amount of the registration and payment must be made by 31 may 2023 for the Gaystronotrip 2023.

In case of cancellation, a fee will be retained on your registration:
Up to 60 days before the Gaystronotrip: Your registration can be canceled free of charge
Between 59 and 30 days before the Gaystronotrip: 80% of the total registration is refunded
Between 29 and 15 days before the Gaystronotrip: 50 % of the total registration is refunded
Between 14 and 8 days before the Gaystronotrip: 20% of the total registration is refunded
Last 7 days before the Gaystronotrip: No refund of registration

Warning: this document has no contractual value and may be subject to change if necessary.