About Ledorga

Our goal is straightforward: bringing European gay cars enthusiasts together!

The Ledorga association was born in 1996 from the following observation: there was no structure in France to accommodate gays who love beautiful or old cars, but simply regional or national clubs of brands or models. Also, it was not always easy to come freely and take full advantage of these activities without the fear of certain looks or reflections that are sometimes not very sympathetic with regard to our orientation and our personal life. In the case of our club, no judgment on another crew since we are all gay so much more open and free towards the participants. We also wanted to prove that being gay doesn’t have to mean being a fan of urban social events, eccentric outfits or mannered people, but we could also be passionate about mechanics and especially beautiful bodywork. Thus, since 1996, we meet regularly in different regions of France for gatherings to discover the historical, architectural, industrial, gastronomic or artistic heritage of the French provinces. The participants in the outings come from several countries including: The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France but also the United States or Australia.

Since 1996 we have organized the Happy Way (1996-2012), the Elegance Cruise (1999-2011), the Rainbow Tour (since 2002) or the Sweet Trip (since 2013) which are gatherings for gay fans of classic cars or exceptions. For these outings no discrimination between participants with regard to engine, brand, model or other. All cars over 25 years old are welcome: popular Citroën, Morris, Volkswagen, Austin, Trabant, Daf, Chevrolet (and all the others we forget here) to the most prestigious Rolls Royce, Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Spyker… In short, whether you are a fan of popular sedans, roadsters, coupes, convertible, limousine, utility and other vehicles, welcome and join us!

So that everyone can identify with the club, the association’s slogan is simple and easy to remember: LEDORGA – The Gay Driver’s Team. So, you are gay, you like the automobile, you like outings in cars, you want to take part alone or with your partner without a second thought in trips to discover France and you want to find a dynamic group. The solution is simple: contact us and join us!!