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Rainbow Tour 2020 :

3/10/2020 – 10/10/2020

Location : Haute Vienne & Dordogne (France)

One whole week of leisure in classic cars…

LEDORGA proudly presents its large and unique gay event for classic car enthusiasts: the RAINBOW TOUR 2020. This tour which will take place from 3 to 10 october 2020, under the direction of Dominique.

Since participants have been rather enthusiastic about the 4 previous meetings, planning the 2018 event has been a challenge. But the challenge has been met for this year. Since there are fewer activities for classic car enthusiast in the month of september, take the opportunity to come and discover « la belle France ».
We count on your presence and participation to make this 8 day event a success, so please respond massively for this next RAINBOW TOUR 2018!

Presentation :

For this large evenment, I propose you to discover 2 departments of France: Haute Vienne and Dordogne. The starting point will be in Limoges, a city on the road to the south west of France. Haute Vienne is mainly known for the city of Limoges and the manufacture of porcelain crockery. The Dordogne is famous for the Périgord and gastronomy, wines, numerous castles, preserved nature and of course the famous cave of Lascaux classified with the world inheritance of Unesco. I invite you to discover these 2 beautiful departments and to let you guide during a week of vacation. In order to fully enjoy this week of vacation and be totally relaxed, no games or questions during this stay. Just walk aboard your favorite cars.
Please note that participation is reserved to classic and exceptional cars, e.g. vehicles of over 25 years old or produced in limited numbers.

Accomodation :

For the first 2 nights, you will stay at the Novotel – Limoges Le Lac. This hotel**** is located in Limoges approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. Some of the rooms have direct views of a large lake surrounded by greenery. From the bar and the restaurant, a large terrace with lake view can welcome you for a drink in the fresh air. The rooms are equipped with bathroom and WC, a TV and a wifi connection. To park your cars, the hotel has a large private car park.

2 avenue de Uzurat
tél : + 33 (0)
Email :

For the next 5 nights, you will stop at the Auberge de la Petite Reine *** in Siorac en Périgord. This hotel is located in the village of Siorac en Perigord, about 15 kilometers west of Sarlat. This hotel spread over several pavilions offers a large park of 14000 m2, an indoor pool, a bar with terrace. The rooms are equipped with bathroom, WC, television and wifi connection. To park cars, the hotel has a large private parking under video surveillance. Note that the chef is “maitre restaurateur”, so quality and local food are preferred.

Route de Belvès – D710
Lieu dit Petite Campagne
tél : + 33 (0)
Email :

Programme :

The meeting starts on Saturday 3 october 2020 at the end of the afternoon, from 17:00 to 20:00 hrs. directly at the Novotel – Limoges le lac in Limoges. Thus you’ll dispose of the whole Saturday for travelling from home to Limoges. No activities are planned for this day other then checking into your hotel room for the coming 2 nights and a welcome dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

Sunday 4 october.

  • In the morning, drive to the village of Oradour sur Glane. This village unfortunately suffered the horrors of war. In June 1944, the division Das Reich goes back to the south to Normandy to counter the allied landings of June 6, 1944. On June 10, 1944, the division is shot and retaliate, stops at Oradour sur Glane. All 642 inhabitants of the village will be massacred by this Nazi troop. Since 1946, this village is a place of memory. A new village was rebuilt in the 1950’s at 200 meters. Of course, everyone will be free to visit or not the martyred village.
  • Lunch in a restaurant in Oradour sur Glane
  • In the afternoon, drive to the Château du Fraisse. The thirteenth century Fraisse was a “noble home” of which there is almost nothing today because it was burned in 1356. It was rebuilt after the Hundred Years War. This is the “old castle” of the fifteenth century forming the right side of all buildings. The main part, of the sixteenth century, type Renaissance has a beautiful staircase Henry II, the great room with its fireplace whose band represents the Fraisse XVI. A private castle that will only open for you to visit.
  • Dinner at the Novotel – Limoges le lac hotel restaurant in Limoges

Monday 5 october.

  • Check out of the Novotel Limoges le lac in Limoges
  • Your route will take you to nearby Limoges. You could not leave Limoges without a visit to the porcelain factory. You will visit the Maison Porcelaine Jacques Pergay. Here, everything is done by hand, from the creation of molds to baking. The love of the profession is reflected in the permanent creation of new forms and the production of fine Limoges porcelain. The factory is specialized in white. The workshop and its shop specialize in tableware and decorative objects (animals, candle holders, vases …). After the visit, you will drive the road to the south.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant on the road to the Dordogne.
  • The rest of the day will drive you to a must-see place in the region: the Lascaux cave. The cave of Lascaux is one of the most important caves decorated with Paleolithic by the number and the aesthetic quality of its works. It is sometimes nicknamed the “Sistine Chapel of Périgord” or “Versailles of Prehistory”. The paintings and engravings it contains have not been able to be the subject of precise dating, but their age is estimated between about 18,000 and 17,000 years.
  • Arrival at the end of the afternoon at the Auberge de la Petite Reine hotel in Siorac en Périgord.
    Taken rooms for the next 5 nights.
    Dinner at the Auberge de la Petite Reine restaurant in Siorac en Périgord.

Tuesday 6 october.

  • In the morning, towards the abyss of Proumeyssac. A million years have been needed to form the largest cavity of Périgord. Its innumerable giant or tiny concretions give to the chasm of Proumeyssac airs of sunken city. This crystal cathedral, enhanced by the spectacular sound and light that accompanied the visit, was first explored in 1907. A brave man then discovered from his barrel the wonders of what the locals called until then “the devil’s hole”. Since then, the public is invited to discover “The Jellyfish”, “The Mermaid”, or “The Waterfall”.
  • The rest of the morning will drive you to Grolier foie gras Artisan in Le Bugue. For more than 50 years, this artisanal and family business has been defending the values of quality and respect for authentic flavors. 43 Medals in 19 years obtained at the Concours Agricole de Paris (including several gold medals), at the National Competition of Foie Gras and Palmes d’Or of Périgord. Video on the production and tasting of Grolier products (Foie Gras, confit, rillettes, Crème Brûlée with Foie Gras, Foie Gras with chestnut cream, etc …).
  • Meal in a local restaurant.
  • After the meal, you can take a walk in the park of the Castle of Campaign. It is right in front of the restaurant.
  • In the afternoon, drive to the Château de Beynac, the most authentic Perigord castle! Standing on top of a vertiginous cliff overlooking the village of Beynac-et-Cazenac, the castle of Beynac is a stone sentinel that has been watching over the Dordogne for over 9 centuries. To visit this castle, it is to cross 5 centuries of the History of France, in the footsteps of Richard Lionheart, Aliénor of Aquitaine, Simon de Montfort and the Hundred Years War. From the defensive rigor of its 12th century dungeon to the Renaissance staircase through the impressive hall of the 15th century Baronnies du Périgord, the cuisine of the 13th century, its exceptional state of conservation offers an unforgettable journey in the heart of the Middle Age. Between heaven and earth, from the top of the keep of the fourteenth, the 152 meters steep on the Dordogne River will offer you an unforgettable view of the magnificent valley of 5 castles.
  • The rest of the afternoon will drive you to the museum of “La rue du temps qui passe” in Allas les Mines. The museum of “La Rue du Temps qui passe”, what is it? Imagine being able to go back in the past, during a walk in the shopping streets of the early twentieth century. The time when electricity and running water were not part of everyday life, the time when the car was making its first rounds of wheels, the time when the grinder honed your knives in the street, the time when the shoemaker made your shoes, … It was originally a father and daughter who initiated the creation of spaces, reconstructing scenes of life in the past, intended initially to highlight several old cars. From this passion was born, the most unusual garage in the entire Region: a street of the 1900s .
  • Back to Siorac en Périgord.
    Dinner at the Auberge de la petite reine restaurant in Siorac en Périgord.

Wednesday 7 october.

  • Departure towards the city of Neuvic s / l’Isle. You will have the privilege to visit the Neuvic farm. It is on this area that the “Caviar de Neuvic” has chosen to create a fish farm dedicated to raising sturgeons to produce its famous caviar. Through commentaries filled with humor and unusual anecdotes, the guide will explain how modern farming methods respect fish and nature. It will reveal the passion that drives the producers of this “made in France” caviar. The visit will end with a tasting of caviar and other products derived from caviar.
  • Meal at the castle of Neuvic s / l’Isle
  • Then you will drive to another place of local gastronomy: the Maison Billeau biscuit factory. Billeau biscuits are made according to tradition and following authentic recipes. Come discover all the secrets of Crunchers, Palets and Crousti’noisettes during a visit. Thanks to large windows, you will appreciate during the visit the different stages of the creation of cookies.
  • After, direction Mensignac for a place of unique creation: Decoloft 24. This small company makes objects of decoration from cars that would be parties to the destruction. Do you dream of a VW Combi bar, a Porsche 911 on your wall, a Daf 33 armchair or Renault Estafette TV stand? This place of creation is for you. A guided tour by the boss will be reserved for you to discover the manufacturing process and development of Decoloft24 objects.
  • Back to Siorac en Périgord.
    Dinner at the Auberge de la petite reine restaurant in Siorac en Périgord.

Thursday 8 october.

  • Departure for Castelnaud la Chapelle. In this small village is the famous château des Milandes, a must in Dordogne Périgord! The visit of the château des Milandes is a wonderful dive in the life of castle at the time of Josephine Baker whose destiny remains out of the ordinary. Built in 1489 by François de Caumont, lord of Castelnaud, at the initiative of his wife Claude de Cardaillac, this Renaissance castle enjoys a wonderful panorama over the Dordogne valley. Roofs of lauzes, wood paneling, large windows and stained glass beautifully preserved constitute the architectural and aesthetic charm of the castle.
  • Meal in the outbuildings of the castle Milandes.
  • For the afternoon, you will drive towards Salviac. In this small village, you will visit the Salviac Agricultural and Automobile Heritage Museum. On a surface of 6000m2, a collection of more than 200 cars, motorcycles, tractors, hundreds of agricultural machines and tools is offered to you! The owner of the museum will even put in operation some machines of this unique collection.
  • Back to Siorac en Périgord.
    Dinner at the Auberge de la petite reine restaurant in Siorac en Périgord.

Friday 9 october.

  • Direction the famous village of Monbazillac. In this place famous for its wine, you will visit the castle of Monbazillac. The Château de Monbazillac, fully furnished, owned by the Monbazillac cellar wine since 1960, presents a unique and original architecture, a mixture of medieval defensive systems and Renaissance elegance. Planted in the heart of the prestigious vineyard that bears his name, the view from the terraces of the park is an extraordinary panorama of the Dordogne valley. At the end of the visit of the Castle, a wine tasting of Monbazillac will await you.
  • Meal at a restaurant in Monbazillac.
  • Then you will drive to Sanxet Castle and its car museum. This private museum will be opened exclusively for you by the owner’s son. You will discover a small collection of cars as varied as AC Bristol, ID 19, Cord or Citroen 2cv. A rare place in the Dordogne countryside.
  • Finally, stop for a visit of the castle of Bridoire. At the heart of the Monbazillac vineyards, Bridoire was the scene of a politico-media saga linked to Bokassa (“the Emperor” Jean-Bedel Bokassa, was president of the Central African Republic from 1966 to 1976 and emperor under the name of Bokassa Iᵉʳ from 1976 to 1979). After more than 22 years of abandonment and looting, Bridoire is now restored. You can visit the fully furnished castle.
  • Back to Siorac en Périgord.
    Dinner at the Auberge de la petite reine restaurant in Siorac en Périgord.

Saturday 10 october.

We will have breakfast together at the hotel Auberge de la Petite Reine and this is where the programme ends. Everybody s free for the weekend to stay or leave for home or extend their stay in this region.


The price is 755 euros per person in double room or 972 euros per person in single room and includes hotels, breakfasts, warm meals, visits, guided tours and attractions during these 8 rally days:

  • 2 dinners in the restaurant of the Novotel –Limoges le Lac
  • 2 nights at the Novotel –Limoges le Lac
  • 5 dinners in the restaurant of the Hotel Auberge de la Petite Reine in Siorac en Périgord
  • 5 nights at the Hotel Auberge de la Petite Reine in Siorac en Périgord
  • 7 breakfasts at the Novotel Limoges or Auberge de la Petite Reine
  • 6 luncheons in restaurants or inns
  • All visits and attractions
  • All documents necessary for this event (road book and other…)

Please note : Those travelling alone, please reserve a single room, not a double, unless you have found a roommate yourself. The organisation cannot select or find participants for you to share a room.

Important: all meals are “all inclusive” for these 6 days, including among other wines, table water etc.

Not included in this price are individually ordered consumptions in bars, restaurants and hotels and the use of the Minibar.

Your registration is final only upon receipt of the total amount of the registration and payment must be made by June 30, 2020 for the Rainbow Tour 2020.

In case of cancellation, a fee will be retained on your registration:
Up to 60 days before the Rainbow Tour : Your registration can be canceled free of charge
Between 59 and 30 days before the Rainbow Tour : 80% of the total registration is refunded
Between 29 and 15 days before the Rainbow Tour : 50 % of the total registration is refunded
Between 14 and 8 days before the Rainbow Tour : 20% of the total registration is refunded
Last 7 days before the Rainbow Tour : No refund of registration

Warning: this document has no contractual value and may be subject to change if necessary.