Gaystronotrip 2021

1st Gaystronotrip 2021

From October the 9th to the 16th

Location : Alsace


I have the honor and the pleasure to present to you the great and unique gay event in classic cars, the GAYSTRONOTRIP 2021, which will take place from 9 to 16 October 2021, under the direction of Dominique Leherre. 

Following the request of some participants of the Rainbow Tour or Sweet Trip, here is the GAYSTRONOTRIP. For this new release, the focus will be on the wealth and reputation of France. I have selected for this tour typically local hotels and restaurants or places steeped in history. Gastronomy will be an important point of this tour. You have good local dishes and also a more refined and worked cuisine. October is often less active for outings in classic cars, so let’s take advantage of this quieter time to get together to discover “la belle France”. We are counting on you to respond in large numbers and favorably to this great 8-day tour. The success of GAYSTRONOTRIP 2021 is in your hands …. 

Presentation :

For this great outing, I invite you to discover Alsace. This region in eastern France is close to the border with Germany. This region is famous for its typical local architecture with its famous colored half-timbered houses, but also the storks, its wines and its cooking. I therefore invite you to discover this region and let yourself be guided for a week with your classic car. In order to fully enjoy this week and be totally relaxed, no games or questions during this stay. Simply the ride in your classic cars. 

Obviously, this meeting is reserved for vehicles of collections over 25 years old or exceptions.

Accomodation :

For the first 2 nights, you will stay at “Au Lion d´Or Spa Hôtel Restaurant Gastronomie ***”. Since 1650, this hotel has been located in the center of the village of La Petite Pierre in northern Alsace and close to the Vosges. Some of the rooms have a view of the valley, the fortified castle and the countryside, while the others have a view of the village street. This hotel offers a relaxation spa area with a small swimming pool, as well as a Winstub (wine bar in Alsace). The rooms are equipped with bathroom and WC, a TV and a wifi connection. To park your cars, the hotel has a private car park which will be privatized for our group. This hotel restaurant is selected by the famous gastronomic guide Gault & Millau, whose opinion of this establishment is as follows: “A comfortable and well-placed spa hotel in the small town in the heart of the Regional Natural Park. To combine the pleasures of the site and the facilities with that of the table, the chef offers catering in two units, gastro in the panoramic room opening onto nature, and the winstub. Friendly cuisine, with roots and solid know-how: pâté en croûte, gratin arctic char, Orloff and buewespätzle veal mignon, iced kougelhopf with gingerbread coulis caramel … ”Please note that the hotel is a member of “Logis de France” and the chef is a “maitre restaurateur”, so quality and local food are privileged. 

AU LION D’OR Spa Hotel Restaurant 

15 rue principale 


phone: + 33 (0) 


For the following 5 nights, you will stop at the Hotel Val Vignes ****. This hotel is located in the village of Saint Hippolyte, approximately 10 kilometers north of Colmar. The large white building dominating the village and the vineyards is the old castle of the Dukes of Lorraine. This construction of 1718 ordered by the Duke Léopold of Lorraine replaces an older castle. It was built at the northern corner of the medieval ramparts and the bases of one of the fortified towers can still be seen today. This holiday resort welcomed the Dukes of Lorraine passing through Saint-Hippolyte. It was occupied for a long time by the Marianist Brothers who transformed it into a college and then into a retirement home. Today the Hotel Val-vignes will welcome you. The large rooms are equipped with bathroom with WC, television and wifi connection. For parking cars, the hotel has a large private car park. This hotel restaurant is selected by the famous gastronomic guide Gault & Millau, whose opinion on this establishment is as follows: “Not far from the famous Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, this very beautiful 4-star hotel offers an exceptional setting, between the architecture, the beautiful terrace, the equipment and the table by Christophe Schreiber. Notably spent at Loiseau or even Nasti, he demonstrates great experience and accomplished technique. On the menu, therefore, a trilogy of heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella, roll of saber and tagliatelle with mango sauce, tender veal chuck, potatoes and vegetable balls… ” 


23 chemin du Wall 


phone: + 33 (0) 


Program :

Saturday October the 9th: 

The meeting will begin on Saturda 9 october  2021 at the end of the afternoon around 5 p.m. / 8 p.m. directly at the hotel Au Lion d´Or in La Petite Pierre. This will therefore leave the entire day of Saturday to make the trip from his home to La Petite Pierre. Thus, no activity is planned following this day’s drive. If you arrive early and wish, you can take a tour of the historic part of the village and discover the 12th century fortified castle which is close to the hotel (very easy access on foot). Each will take their room for the next 2 nights you will spend in this establishment. In the evening, you will meet for a drink and then for dinner in the hotel restaurant. 

Sunday  October the 10th : 

In the morning, direcion to the Village of Troisfontaine for a visit to the 2CV museum. Produced in more than 7 millions copies from 1948 to 1990 (all derivatives included), the 2 CV has had an exceptional career and has already blown its 70 candles. She has had time to travel all the roads of the world, conquer all social classes and seduce the hearts of millions of drivers. His simplicity and ingenuity allowed him to adapt to anything; mail delivery, doctor’s rounds, agricultural tasks, Sunday walks, student outings, trips to the end of the world, the 2CV was everywhere, ready to do anything. The 2cv is exhibited with its multiple derivatives and sometimes even a single model. This museum houses a fine collection of 80 2cv and derivatives. 

Lunch at a local restaurant 

In the afternoon, direction the Rocher de Dabo: Formed 200 million years ago, the Rocher de Dabo is a boulder of sandstone, located at an altitude of 664 meters, in the heart of the Vosges mountains. 30 meters high, it offers a superb 360 ° panorama of the Vosges mountains, after the 62 steps that punctuate its ascent. At its top, a small chapel and two orientation tables to locate the surrounding sites. 

Then, you will drive towards Le Plan Incliné de Saint-Louis Arzviller. The plan incliné is a unique boat lift in Europe. Located on the Marne-au-Rhin canal in the Pays de Phalsbourg, it allows boaters to cross the Vosges Mountains by catching a drop of 44.55m in a few minutes. Commissioned in 1969 after 4 years of work, this monumental and essential structure on the waterways of France has replaced 17 traditional locks located in the nearby Vallée des Eclusiers. You will start with a site visit, then take a seat aboard a boat for a thrilling descent of the inclined plane, and finally a short canal cruise. 

Return to La Petite Pierre. 

Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel Au Lion d´Or in La Petite Pierre 

Monday October the 11th :

Final departure from the Au Lion d´Or hotel in La Petite Pierre. 

Your route will take you to Saint Louis les Bitches and the famous Saint Louis crystal factory. Founded in 1586, the Müntzthal glassworks became in 1767 “Royal glassworks” by decision of King Louis XV. Renamed Cristallerie royale de Saint-Louis, the manufacture began in 1829 to exclusively produce crystal and notably introduced the notion of serving glasses for the table with the famous Trianon model. Over the course of aesthetic and formal innovations, awarded with gold medals, the art of living in crystal will seduce the whole world. Saint-Louis has belonged to the Hermès group since 1995 and today still calls on the imagination and talent of designers who are introducing new uses into the world of crystal. You will therefore visit the crystal factory via a set of walkways overlooking the oven hall, interspersed with stops in front of the paperweights and the mold restoration workshop. The infrastructures built ensure optimal safety conditions for visitors and offer them, from the top of the footbridges, a great comfort of visit, while not disturbing the work of the craftsmen. Afterwards you will visit the Saint Louis museum “la grand place”: Located in the large production hall still in activity, a unique collection in the world is presented as an initiatory journey of 953 meters through which are exhibited 2000 exceptional pieces, all from the legendary know-how of Saint-Louis. 

Lunch at a local restaurant. 

Alsace is a land of wine, but also of beer. You will stop at Villa Meteor: In a fabulous location, enjoy a unique and fun experience around the making of beer and the history of Meteor. This was necessary to honor the oldest active brewery in France! Through the testimonies of the people who take part in our adventure, come and discover the history of the brewery from 1640 to the present day, share the secrets of making our beers, learn about tasting and join the great Meteor family. 

You will then take the famous Alsace wine route to reach your next stop. You will stop for a unique visit: the Labonal company. Created in 1924 by Salomon Lipovski, LA BONneterie ALsacienne (which would become LABONAL a few years later) was born in Dambach La Ville in Alsace. From the outset, the idea was to design socks “that won’t fall off, fit well, don’t hurt and wear slowly.” The company quickly experienced strong development. In the 70s, Labonal is the brand that the French prefer. It is also the largest manufacturing unit for men’s socks in the region (more than 1,000 employees at that time). After a change in shareholding in 1979, the Labonal brand was withdrawn from the market in 1996. In 2006 the brand was relaunched and Labonal gradually reappeared in stores. This factory is one of the last to manufacture socks in France, almost all of them are now made in Asia … 

At the end of the day, arrival at the Hotel Val-Vignes in Saint Hippolite. 

Dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte. 

Tuesday October the 12th :

In the morning, head to Hohlandsbourg castle. The knight Siegfried of Gundolsheim, orders the start of the construction of the medieval castle on2nd February 1279. From 1281 to 1630, the castle will pass from hand to hand with different owners. During the Thirty Years’ War, the castle was occupied by the Swedes in 1633, then by the French in 1634. Shortly after, the imperial troops seized the place by surprise and pillaged it. In 1637, the commandant of Colmar, on the orders of Richelieu, had the castle set on fire, which was then dismantled with gunpowder. The castle was classified as a historic monument in 1840. A major restoration project began in 1986, with the aim of making it a tourist hub of the department. 

After the visit, a medieval banquet placed under the sign of the Middle Ages and its drolleries! Ripailles, medieval music and tasty comments will alternate happily in a warm atmosphere provided by the Hauvoy Company (subject to availability). 

In the afternoon direction Colmar. At Colmar aerodrome, a helicopter will be waiting for you for an unforgettable experience! Embark on a flight and enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the Alsatian landscapes. Admire the picturesque villages and the Alsatian vineyards or contemplate the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle and the Vosges mountains from the sky. This helicopter flight will be a highlight of this week in Alsace. When you get off your flight, as it will be tea time, you can have a piece of cake with a drink of your choice. 

Return to Saint Hippolyte. 

Dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte. 

Wednesday October the 13th :

Departure towards the small village of Voegtlinshoffen. A drive in Alsace would not be complete without a visit to a wine’s cellar. You will visit the cellar of  Cattin, followed by a tasting of their production. Alsace wines such as Riesling, Pinot gris or Gevurtztraminer will no longer hold any secrets for you. 

Meal at the Cattin belvedere with a panoramic view of the Alsatian vineyard. 

Then, direction the Vosges and the famous route des crêtes. You will ride on this road which offers magnificent panoramas over Lorraine or Alsace. You will stop on the route for a summer sledge ride. Why wait for winter to indulge in the pleasure of skiing? At the exit of the chairlift, take a seat in your summer sledge and slide down the track at your own pace. Quickly for the more athletic or slowly, don’t forget to admire the mountain landscape during your descent! You go at the pace you want. Taste the pleasure of summer tobogganing through 2 giant slides 850 m long with 108 m vertical drop. A summer sledge ride that will delight young and old. Guaranteed sensations! This activity is absolutely safe and open to all people from 8 years old. Please note, this activity is subject to the weather. To recover from your emotions (little emotions!), You will be invited to an inn on the route des crêtes to taste the local specialty: a blueberry tart with a drink.  

Going down the route des crêtes, you will stop at the Haut Koeningsbourg castle. Built in the 12th century, the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle has seen a succession of illustrious owners, including the Habsburg dynasty and the German emperor William II who, at the beginning of the 20th century, undertook the restoration of the fortress. Today, Haut-Koenigsbourg offers a remarkable vision of what a fortified castle was in the 15th century in Alsace.  

Return to Saint Hippolyte. 

Dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte. 

Thursday October the 14th :

Departure for the village of Soultzmatt. In this small village, is the Sources de Soultzmatt open to visitors. During the visit you will discover the factory that produces Lisbeth spring water, as well as artisanal lemonades, sodas, flavored waters and Elsass Cola. You will also attend the screening of a short film about the company. The visit continues at the Water Museum, the former production site of the Sources de Soultzmatt, where you will discover the history of the company through the centuries.  

After visiting the Sources de Soultzmatt, you will go to the Cabaret “Le Paradis des Sources” located in the same village. 

“Le Paradis des Sources” is a Music Hall with warm decor, cozy atmosphere, great comfort, latest generation stage technology. This Music Hall welcomes you in a total change of scenery for an exceptional moment. To enhance your meal, a cocktail of original and interactive activities will remind you that you are there to forget everything. Then the lights in the room will go out and the curtain will open to make way for the magazine “Elsass Cancan”. Artists trained in the world’s leading dance and circus schools will express their talents, sometimes through choreography that is sometimes classic, sometimes modern. And other times, thanks to performances from another world. All in a heavenly setting with a thousand feathers, rhinestones and sequins. 

Return to Saint Hippolyte. 

Dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte. 

Friday October the 15th :

Departure towards Mulhouse. In the morning, you will visit La Cité du Train (the city of the train): Terminus, everyone gets off! Here you are at the Cité du Train, the largest railway museum in Europe. So embark on the world of locomotives and exceptional wagons and trains! Capture important moments in the history of railways in the Parcours Spectacle and the Quays of History! This very large 60,000 m2 museum is a must for lovers of 19th and 20th century trains. The Panorama Ferroviaire, an outdoor area of ​​6000 m², hosts temporary exhibitions of equipment. 

After the visit, you will take the direction of La Cité de l’Automobile ( the city of the car). A meal will be waiting for you on site. 

Then, a trip to Alsace would not be complete without a visit to La Cité de l’Automobile – National Museum – Collection Schlumpf which houses one of the largest collection of cars in the world – more than 500 vehicles – including the famous Schlumpf collection of the brothers Schlumpf, 560 automobiles from 98 different brands, pioneers in the history of the automobile, built between 1878 and 1918, including 430 classified as historical monuments, an impressive collection of 14 Rolls Royces, and the most important Bugatti collection (more than 120 ) of the world. The museum, which is housed in a former textile mill of the Schlumpf brothers dating from 1880, covers more than 20,000 m2. You will have the whole afternoon to freely discover this essential place for classic cars enthusiasts. 

Return to Saint Hippolyte. 

Dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte. For this last evening, you are invited to participate in a white evening and a more festive meal. You can get your best outfits out as long as they are white for the evening and dinner. 

Saturday October the 16th :

You will have the last breakfast together at the Hotel Val-Vignes, then everyone will be free for the weekend. For those who wish, they can extend their stay in Alsace, where they can then return to their home. 

Tariffs :

The price is  1320 euros per person in double room or 1550 euros per person in single room and includes hotels, breakfasts, warm  meals, visits, guided tours and attractions during these 8 rally days: 

  • 2 dinners(4 courses)  at the restaurant of the Au Lion d’Or in La Petite Pierre 
  • 2 nights at the hotel Au Lion d’Or in La Petite Pierre 
  • 4 dinners (4 courses) at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte 
  • 1 festive dinner (5 courses) at the restaurant of the Hotel Val Vignes **** in Saint Hippolyte 
  • 5 nights at the Hotel Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte 
  • 7 buffet breakfasts at the Au Lion d’Or in La Petite Pierre or Val Vignes in Saint Hippolyte 
  • 6 luncheons in restaurants 
  • All visits to monuments and museums 
  • All attractions (helicopter flight include) 
  • All documents necessary for this event (road book and other…) 

Please note : Those travelling alone, please reserve a single room, not a double, unless you have found a roommate yourself. The organisation cannot select or find participants for you to share a room. 

Important: all meals are “all inclusive” for these 6 days, including among other wines, table water etc. 

Not included in this price are individually ordered consumptions in bars, restaurants and hotels and the use of the Minibar. 

Your registration is final only upon receipt of the total amount of the registration and payment must be made by 31 july 2021 for the Gaystronotrip 2021. 
In case of cancellation, a fee will be retained on your registration: 
Up to 60 days before the Gaystronotrip: Your registration can be canceled free of charge 
Between 59 and 30 days before the Gaystronotrip: 80% of the total registration is refunded 
Between 29 and 15 days before the Gaystronotrip: 50 % of the total registration is refunded 
Between 14 and 8 days before the Gaystronotrip: 20% of the total registration is refunded 
Last 7 days before the Gaystronotrip: No refund of registration 

Warning: this document has no contractual value and may be subject to change if necessary.